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Get off the closet!

Yours, mine, our closet

You certainly have a closet. A closet may have different colors, shapes and sizes on the outside, but it doesn’t differ in essence from mine or any other person’s. Because it hides an infinity of things, equally not visible, due to the darkness on the inside. After all, what really matters is where we live in relation to it: inside or outside?

What the heck are you talking about?

Think for a while about what is inside of you. Yes, there, all packed up. We all have some passion, something that moves us, that makes us feel alive and complete. Something very particular of each of us, that gives us our individuality traces, so important for our definition and self-affirmation. Something that many times, either due to lack of self knowledge or to lack of courage, we simply don’t let it flow. And I used to fit this case too – until now. Because I take this opportunity to communicate that I decided to…

…get off my closet!

That’s it, world. I’m assuming: I’m a compulsive traveler! I found out there’s even a word for that: ecdemomania. Ok then, I’m a ecdemomaniac. Oh, yes, I am!

 Ecdemo-what? Allow me to explain. Ecdemomania: n. Unusual desire of being away from home; pathological desire to wander away from home; obsession with travel; run away from home.

Travelling is like… everything!

Nothing motivates me more than travelling. It doesn’t mean, not even remotely, that I’m not eclectic in my tastes. I like a lot (a lot!) of things. Really. For example: I love dancing – but I wouldn’t die for it. I love practicing sports – but no, I wouldn’t die for it either. I love music – but I’d neither die for it. I love eating – but I definitely wouldn’t die for it.

But travelling… is different. It’s not just a hobby or a momentary distraction of a stressful period of the daily life, of the boring work. Travelling is a lifestyle. And I don’t mean trips with long flights, stamps on the passport and postcard pictures only; it’s more like I’m used to saying: “to be around”. This lifestyle consists in always being around seeking for a unknown place, a new corner to explore. Preferably in the nature.

Travelling is not about getting lost, but about finding: the greater energy of the universe and, mainly, finding yourself. To travel is to feel complete, full, free.

Therefore, if I needed to die for that, I would. But I chose to live for that instead.

Sunset in Ilhabela, the day my life turned upside down

Sunset in Ilhabela, the day my life turned upside down

Get inspired

I love watching the TED Talks. It’s not for nothing that they have “Ideas worth spreading” as their tagline. This one particularly inspires me: Ash Beckham: We’re all hiding something. Let’s find the courage to open up. She shows three principles (simple, but absolutely fundamental):

  1. Be authentic: always be true, be yourself, with no armor;
  2. Be direct: say what you have to say and do what you have to do; just rip the band-aid off;
  3. Be unapologetic: apologize for things you have done, but never for what you are.

Some folks may be disappointed, but that is on them, not on you. Those are their expectations of who you are, not yours. That is their story, not yours. The only story that matters is the one that you wanna write (…) A closet is no place for a person to truly live

It doesn’t need to be today, it doesn’t need to be in a hurry. Everything has its time and a reason to be. But stop, think, feel, and in the right moment, get off your closet. Face this monster. Be yourself, be free.

Cachoeira do Tabuleiro - Minas Gerais

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