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What nobody tells you about Mount Roraima

You're just crazy!
Am I? o-ô Tell me more about living the same life every year…
Nine days in the middle of nowhere, just walking like a camel... I don't know why you do these things! Is it really necessary?
Oh, these parents that don’t get us!…
Oh, there must be a lot of animals there... And what about the cold? And the rain? And bath? And food? And toilet?
Said those who can only see obstacles in everything.
Wow! Really? Awesome!
Said those familiar with the matter.
It seems pretty insane, but that's cool. I wish I had your courage...
Said those not familiar with the matter, after I explained what it was all about.
Hmm, nice... And are you going on business or for leisure?
Said those definitely not familiar with the matter, when I got lazy to explain what it was all about.

Who hasn’t heard some (or many) of those things when announced that Mount Roraima would be their next trip? When we choose less obvious destinations, we are subject to curious comments, wide open eyes and, sometimes, judgements about our mental sanity. That’s normal. We get used to it.

But the fact is that Mount Roraima is not obvious at all, I assure you. And I’m not talking about the mountain as a geological formation only, but mainly about the energy it has and all the experience it provides you. It seems preety unlikely that I’ll be able to explain in words the intensity of this experience. But that’s what I’m here for, right? So let’s go.

Way beyond the obvious

Going to Mount Roraima is not like any other vacation trip, when you say you “got disconnected from everything”. Here is exactly where the connection happens. The true connection – with the whole, with the purest energy of the universe. Roraima is a primitive place that stopped in time, it’s ethical-moral-social contamination-free. It’s pure, raw, in natura.

Hiking up Roraima is much more than exhausting your legs and getting amazed by it’s incredibly awesome landscapes. Hiking up Roraima is returning to the origins – of the Earth, of life, of the being, of the self. It’s getting deeply in tune with yourself. It’s questioning yourself. It’s looking to the inside. It’s undressing your persona – that social character we play everyday in favor of the normal life. It’s letting your essence flourish.

It’s seeing things from another perspective…

Monte Roraima - Nascer do sol no mirante do Quati

When the “concerns” of your day become as simple as walking, breathing, feeding and resting, you give room to an infinity of sensations and reflections. After all, waking up and saying “Good morning, one-of-the-most-ancient-places-on-Earth-which-remained-untouched-until-nowadays!” – it’s not like we have this privilege everyday.

This perception is quite interesting per se. But there’s more: it’s not everyday that you don’t need to know the year you are, what happened and what’s to come – and just do not think about it; that you don’t need to look at your watch to know the time – because it doesn’t matter, you have no appointments. It’s not everyday that you have the feeling, the crazy feeling, of not knowing in which point of the world map you are located!

What? Map? Location? World? What is that?

You simply abandon the known obvious and seem to immerse in a parallel reality: a magical place that floats on a space-time interface. That’s totally the Matrix! Crazy, huh? People must think we are kinda nuts when we talk about it. But wait and see when you get there! You’ll be another crazy understand that this mountain has something really crazy, that messes up with us deep inside. Seriously.

It’s all about energy

Monte Roraima - Pôr do sol no Kukenan

Nature has an intrinsic energy that brings us peace of mind. OK, who is used to going on outdoor trips knows this very well. But I believe that a primitive place like this maintains some sort of also primitive energy, some greater connection with the universe – energy that we obviously ignore, given our insertion in the society and all the moral precepts resulting from it, to which we are imprisoned.

We give up our animal, sensitive and irrational side – after all, since we were given the gift of reason, let’s destroy a whole sensitive-spiritual world and build a concrete-alienating one, right? O.o This seems to be the (sad) course of humanity and their endless and super necessary technological advances!… Hence our need to reconnect with the greater energy of the universe, the pure energy – and that may be the reason why we feel so well when in places with less interference from men.

Just as dreamy as real


Just like Dory would say: “Hey, consciousness, am I dead?” (Finding Nemo – Disney, 2003)

That’s the feeling you have when you are above the clouds: that you’re in Heaven. Or in a dream. In a place that belongs to another dimension, to say the minimum. You cannot believe you are located at some point on the planet, such it is your undock from the known reality. Reality? What is that, after all? What is the true “reality”? This pure state with your essence exposed, or that thing you left at home, that pre-formatted life, shaped by society, that rail you live on? I have my own suspicions.

At Mount Roraima, you get so spiritually open that you just forget about the things you have – either material assets, either obligations and ties of your own creation – and give room only to be and to feel. And then you realize how much this is what actually matters. And realize that you need little, very little, to be truly happy. The rest is just silly stuff.

 The word that defines it is: Plenitude 

The best illustration of this was a moment – which I’ll keep in my heart forever – when our friend said: “If someone told me to make a wish right now, to ask anything I wanted, I wouldn’t ask anything”. That’s it! There was nothing to wish, nothing else to desire. We just wanted to be there feeling that moment and nothing else. And this is the best feeling EVER! Trust me. To be able to truly live here and now. I have never met a better feeling than this one: PLENITUDE.

In other words

What nobody tells you about Mount Roraima is that you’ll come back as an alien. You won’t fit the “real” world any longer. A lot of superfluous things will stop making sense, while other simpler ones will become important to you. You’ll no longer be able to sustain silly talks about superficial stuff. You’ll feel emotionally vulnerable and will raise awareness with simple things. And you will attract good things, since you’ll be energized in a unique way. And you will get (more) restless and you’ll want more and more. And you will have an euphoric thirst for knowledge – especially for yourself. And that, hopefully, will accompany you forever.

Do yourself a favor: climb a mountain.

 Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain 

-On the road, Jack Kerouac

Monte Roraima - La VentanaGRATITUDE

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